the multifunctional bike trailer

The Tough is a multifunctional bike trailer with a hydraulic, damped overrun brake for transport and camping.

The Tough is the first multifunctional bike trailer that can be size-adjusted with a few simple steps, and thus adapted to your particular needs.

The Tough, in combination with the Scout, links transport and camping functions together.

As a cargo trailer, the Tough can be used in everyday life for shopping trips and other transports thanks to its flexible size from 618 x 850 mm to 618 x 1100 mm to 618 x 1350 mm. The Tough can be easily connected to the e-bike using a lockable Weber coupling.

The hydraulic overrun brake with hydraulic damper increases road safety considerably. This is also expressed by the fact that the legislator has increased the permissible payload of the Tough to 80 kg.