Technical specifications

Scout models in comparison







Trailer Tough Tough Tough
Weight 15 kg 19 kg 19 kg
Payload 85 kg 81 kg 81 kg
Ready for driving      
Length 1.435 mm 1.435 mm 1.630 mm
Width 700 mm 950 mm 950 mm
Height 990 mm 990 mm 1.250 mm
Unfolded     Scout
Length 2.920 mm 2.920 mm 3.600 mm
Width 700 mm 900 mm 2.050 mm
Height 1.800 mm 1.800 mm 2.000 mm
Area 2,0 m2 2,6 m2 6,2 m2
Length, bed 1.900 mm 1.900 mm 2.000 mm
Width, bed 600 mm 900 mm 1.400 mm
Use 1 Person 1 Person 2 Personen
State available available in preparation


Trailer requirements

According to the StVO, the trailer carrying the Scout must have both an overrun brake and a Weber heavy-duty coupling. Therefore, we recommend using “Tough” , the multifunctional bike trailer.

Assembly and dismantling in just 3 minutes!

Storage space with Scout Centre

III. For things like rain jackets, water bottles, something to eat, etc. approx. 30 litres – accessible via the top flap without assembling the Scout.

II. For mattresses, sleeping bags, folding tables, pillows, etc. approx. 325 litres – accessible after assembling the Scout.

I.   Permanent storage space under the bed for food, clothing and technical equipment, etc. approx. 193 litres – accessible from the outside via a flap and from the inside.


Customise the Scout with convenient extensions and practical gadgets.

More than just a camper

The Scout also offers extensive possibilities for private and business use.


Find answers to the typical questions about the Scout in our FAQs.

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