More than just a camper

Diverse possibilities for private and business use


The Scout as a classic holiday camper

With the Scout, you are perfectly equipped for any long holiday trip. Sufficient storage space for all everyday items, protected from inclement weather behind 15 mm-thick, high-strength composite panels. Protected from prying eyes but also from the rain, being able to dress at full standing height: that’s quality of life!

But, if you like to clip your sleeping bag, stove and “fabric villa” onto the luggage rack, rain and insects are no problem, drops tapping on the tent wall sound like music to your ears, and ants walking into the open tent seem only natural… …then you are a born tent vacationer, and the Scout is your thing.

The Scout for day or weekend trips

The weather is great – planning an outing already? The Scout can be assembled and dismantled in just three minutes with a few simple steps. This is the key requirement for a short outing after work or on the weekend. Then get on the e-bike with the Scout. Get the Thermos with coffee and cakes, folding chairs and the table in the Scout and off you go. Your reward? A wonderful, unforgettable evening or Sunday in the great outdoors.

A Scout for anglers

The workday nears its end and the weather invites you to go fishing… Not every day offers the same opportunities and each and every one of these smart predatory fish has its own specific requirements for weather and bait. The Scout is assembled in just three minutes. Then get on the e-bike with the Scout. Get your fishing gear, folding chair, table and food in the Scout and off to your fishing expedition. The result? An unforgettable fishing trip, a wonderful evening or a memorable Sunday in the great outdoors.

The Scout as a beach chair

It’s getting hot outside, the sun is shining and the beach beckons? The children already have their floating rings in their hands and are jostling? No problem for the Scout driver. Get your fully charged e-bike, bathing suits, deck chairs, table, food and, above all, drinks in the Scout; the children and your partner on the bike and… off to the lake. Reach the shores and assemble in three minutes: your children dash into the water and the partner is happy about the changing room with standing height, where she can change in peace and quiet. In the evening, stow away the “bathing camp” in the Scout in a few minutes, assemble the Scout, and head back home. There’s nothing more convenient and stress-free.

The Scout and the flea market?

Do your children want to bring their “treasures” to the “man” or the “woman” at the flea market “around the corner”? Is your hair on end already, given the transport problems and the organisation of the sales stand?
Not with the Scout. Get the “goods”, the trestle table and two folding chairs in the Scout and off to the flea market. Backwards to the planned position. Scout unfolded, the two sides of the awning set up, the trestle table set up, the “hot goods” placed on the trestle table, the two folding chairs placed under the awning tarpaulin and the children can gather their first sales experience protected from the sun and rain. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Do you need a small advisory office for the upcoming street festival?

The neighbourhood committee has given you the honourable task of welcoming and advising the residents of the whole street at the next street festival?
Where and how? Do you have a table, sunshade, chair and table stand at hand?

Do you need a small construction site office for your surveyors?

Employees in your office are environmentally conscious and only come to work by bike. A team should now go out to the nearby construction site. By bike? How’s the transportation? With the Bully (Volkswagen van)?
Not if you have the Scout. Get the measuring devices, folding chairs, and table in the Scout and off to the construction site. Assemble the Scout in three minutes and attach the side walls to the awning. The small, weather-independent, fully functional construction site office is completely assembled, and work can begin.

The Scout as an observation post for environmental protection or hunters

Spending hours, if not days, in the great outdoors in a wide variety of weather conditions unprotected in the great outdoors is a burden that should not be underestimated for the responsible employee.
Get your binoculars, food, a folding chair and a table in the Scout and off to nature. The Scout including the awning can be assembled in three minutes. The small, weather-independent, fully functional observation station is ready, and your observation work can begin.

The Scout as a supply station at sporting events

The next cross-country skiing of the sports team is on. It’s hot outside and a small supply station with drinks on the route would be a dream.
The Scout fulfils the dream. Set up on the route in a few minutes, stock it up with drinks, and refreshment for runners is guaranteed.

The Scout – your private surf station on the beach

Got time to spare, blue skies and sunshine, and ideal wind and waves? Do you feel drawn to the beach and your surfboard? No problem for the Scout with roof rails. Get your fully charged e-bike, equipment and food in the Scout, strap your surfboard onto the roof rail, and off to the beach. Enjoy the wind and waves, the Scout offers protection, a changing room with standing height and a place to sleep for the night. In a few simple steps, everything is packed up again and you’re heading back home.

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