How much space can it take?

Compact Scout

For one or two sporty bikers who pack small and compact and aim for distant destinations

The focus here is on the largest possible storage space, as compact and as narrow as possible, and as light as possible. But this biker is also satisfied with a bed width of 72/61 cm and a length of 194 cm. The sporty Tour and not the most comfortable Tour possible. The Compact can be also assembled and dismantled in three minutes and has a large awning with full standing height.

Centre Scout

For one or two enterprising bikers who seek to combine convenience and versatility of use under one roof

with a bed width of 92 / 81 cm. Ready in max. three minutes with five steps. A large awning with full standing height and the largest possible storage space for the many different uses, both professionally and privately: from fishing trips in the evening to holiday trips lasting several weeks.

Be on the go and carry everything you’ll ever need.

All models offer extra sleeping space with the awning extension.

Coming soon:

Comfort Scout

Enjoying life as a couple is the hallmark of this Scout

with its two 92/81 cm x 194 cm bed areas. Waking up to the chirping of birds is twice as much fun. Unlike other models, there are no restrictions in terms of storage space and other possible uses. Due to its size, assembly and dismantling takes a little bit longer – can you spare 5 minutes? This includes, of course, the large awning with full standing height.

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