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The bike camper re-imagined!

There are many good reasons to choose the Scout bike camper

Three-minute assembly

You can assemble both the Compact Scout and Centre Scout models with a few simple steps in three minutes at most – and you will only need two minutes longer for the Comfort Scout variant.

Compact travelling dimensions

Thanks to the folding mechanism, the Scout can be transformed into a compact box when driving. This means an unobstructed rear view and less susceptibility to cross winds.

More than just a vacation camper

Thanks to its quick assembly, ample storage space and high mobility, the Scout series is the right mobility solution – well beyond your next biking holiday.

Awning with full standing height

The Scout’s awning can be installed with a few simple operations. Under the awning, you can change comfortably while standing upright, or stay protected in bad weather. The light Nautimar fabric is not only waterproof and sunlight-resistant, but also available in a range of colours of your choice.

Plenty of space for luggage

Packed with four panniers, a handlebar bag, and a tent on the luggage rack, your bike tour can quickly become a balancing act. The Scout puts an end to it. Depending on the model, three different storage spaces offer around 350 – 550 litres of storage space for clothes, sleeping bags, groceries, table and chairs, and much more.

Flexible storage options

No more saddlebag washing. Put your clothes and utensils in practical boxes that you can transport in the Scout during the trip, and simply slide them under the bed at your destination.

Shelter in bad weather

An ominous-looking cloud formation is the best driving force for cyclists. But what if you just stopped by the roadside, set up your camper and let showers and thunderstorms pass by? That’s no problem at all thanks to the Scout’s easy handling.

Your personal contribution to environmental protection:

The future belongs to e-bike travelling!

The fact that the bike is environmentally friendly, inexpensive, healthy and often the fastest means of transport in urban areas is gaining more and more supporters. But also outside urban areas, people who travel individually and sustainably by bike outside of mass tourism, acknowledge their responsibility not only to enjoy their own bike trip in the current moment, but to behave in such a way that this remains possible in the future.

For many people, the holidays are the best time of the year. Trips are often planned a long time in advance with eager anticipation. More and more people are thinking about how they can combine environmental protection with personal aspects of a successful trip.

For the sake of the environment, of course with the Scout:

The Scout is built with a state-of-the-art lightweight structure designed to save weight and increase resource efficiency. Thus the saving of raw materials, costs and energy in the manufacture, use, and recycling of the camper. This also allows increasing the payload.

Lots of living space & full headroom

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