How to use the Scout Camper

Store the Scout without any problems

How to detach the Scout from the trailer

The attachment and detachment of the Scout and Tough can easily be done by one person, also in just three minutes.

  • Drive backwards with the Scout towards, for example, a garage wall
  • Fold up the upper part
  • Loosen the connecting screws to the Tough
  • Fold up the lower part together with the middle part
  • The Scout now stands upright against the wall and only takes up an area of
    • Compact: 770 x 790 x 1500 mm
    • Center: 970 x 790 x 1500 mm
  • The Tough can now be moved freely and is available as a multifunctional trailer for a wide range of uses

Re-attach the Tough and Scout in the same way, also in just three minutes.