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How long does it take to fully assemble the Scout?

The very short assembly time of the Scout is one of its main advantages compared to folding tent trailers, for example. The complete assembly of the Scout including the awning does not take more than three minutes.

How long does it take to dismantle the Scout before departure?

Depending on whether personal items must be stowed in the Scout, dismantling the Scout for departure usually takes from three to five minutes.

Can you take the Tough and the Scout away with a car?

Not in a normal car but in a larger station wagon or Sprinter
Scout dimensions – Length: 145 cm, Width 95 cm Height 75 cm
Tough dimensions – Length: 95 cm, Width 93 cm Height 53 cm

Can the Scout and Tough be transported by train?

In principle, e-bikes and trailers can be transported by train. However, there are significant differences between regions and train types. Prior to your trip, it is always advisable to research the conditions for the planned travelling route.

Can you use the Scout with the Tough on a classic bike?

Given the total weight of the Tough with the Scout of approx. 70 kg and another approx. 30 kg of personal items, thus a total of approx. 100 kg, this would be a phenomenal sporting challenge. No, the use of the Scout requires the use of an e-bike.
Still, the good old bike can pull the Scout in combination with a Tough that features its own electric motor.

How does the Scout behave on the Tough when it gets very windy or when riding a storm?

Given that the Scout is only 95 cm high and 95 cm wide when folded, cross winds are not an issue for the Scout while driving.
When assembled in stormy winds, however, both the foresail and the Scout itself should be secured with additional lines/pegs.

Can you use the Scout on the Tough as a refuge in heavy rain?

Because the Scout is assembled very quickly, it is very easy to avoid an approaching rain front. Simply look for a place to set it up on the side of the road, open the Scout there, and retreat inside the Scout until the rain is over.

Can I spend the night in the Scout in public spaces?

Basically yes, namely, to restore the biker’s ability to drive, for example, upon overexertion. Permanent camping in public spaces is otherwise not permitted. However, if you look for a quiet place, do not disturb anyone nor light a campfire, people tend to turn a blind eye.

Are there special public spaces where bikers can stay overnight for free?

Yes, individual federal states such as Schleswig-Holstein have free parking spaces for bikers. We have compiled the relevant information for our customers on our service page.

Can I fully charge the batteries of the e-bike with the solar system on the Scout?

Germany’s sunshine hours are not sufficient for this unless you carry the double solar system, have enough sunny days, and stay in a sunny pitch without shade for at least two days.
Regardless, the solar system supports you and makes you less dependent of the power grid.

Which distance can I cover in one day with the e-bike and the attached Scout?

Depending on the terrain, the size of the battery and the selected speed, a distance of approx. 30 to 40 km should be possible with one battery.

Is a second battery useful or necessary for the e-bike?

Depending on the desired daily output and the existing terrain, carrying a second battery in the luggage is always useful for a desired distance of over 60 km per day.

Can you protect the Scout and the Tough against theft?

On the one hand, the Weber coupling is lockable; on the other hand, like the e-bike, you should secure your Scout with a high-quality lock.

Can you insure the Scout and the Tough against theft?

There are insurers who specialise in the insurance of bike trailers.

Can I use Scout and Tough for other purposes?

Yes, this is precisely where the Scout’s strength lies. Scared off by endless mobile homes clogging our streets, which are anything but environmentally friendly, cost a small fortune to buy and operate, and are hardly used for more than two months every year, we have developed a whole range of different uses for Tough and Scout, which guarantee their year-round use.
You can use the Tough & Scout as follows:

  • As a classic holiday camper
  • As a camper for day or weekend trips
  • As a transport trailer with storage space for anglers
  • As a transport trailer, sales stand, and shelter for flea markets
  • As an information office at street festivals or other events
  • As a transporter and construction site office for surveyors
  • As a transporter with changing room for the beach
  • As a weather-protected observation post for environmental protection
  • As a weather-protected shelter for hunters
  • As a supply station at sporting events

The sky is the limit. There are certainly many more possible uses.

Are the Scout and Tough winterproof and suitable for travelling in winter?

No, despite the 15 mm-thick composite panels, the Scout is not designed for overnight stays in winter temperatures.

Can the Scout and Tough also be used commercially?
Of course, the Scout can be used for environmentally conscious surveying offices; for example, by placing measuring instruments on the bed and surveying poles on the roof rack. In this way, the surveyor can set up a small, weather-protected outdoor office in the middle of the construction site in a few minutes. As a trader, input tax reimbursement from the purchase price of the Scout is a matter of course.
Can you use the e-bike and the Tough's e-drive at the same time?

Yes and no – you can pull a trailer with an e-bike that is equipped with its own motor; you can also let your e-bike be pushed by a trailer with its own e-motor, and thus significantly increase the range.
However, you must not switch on e-bike and the trailer motor at the same time. This would violate the Road Traffic Ordinance.

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