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Practical extensions for the stop-and-stay camper

Use solar power

Our mobile solar system for the Scout is a handy version that will win you over with its simple structure and light weight. The SunFolder solar bags can be set up either directly on the Scout or in the sun with the help of the extension cable provided, while the Scout is parked in the shade and remains pleasantly cool.

In combination with our WS500PD PowerDude, a 500W power station with built-in solar charge controller, 500W inverter and 50Ah lithium battery, you have all components you need in one device for self-sufficiency and e-bike charging at any time.

Of course, all other consumers can also be connected to our power station. The PowerDude is equipped with two Schuko sockets and four USB ports, which means that most devices (cameras, cell phones, laptops, chargers, etc.) can be charged without any problems. With the help of the SunFolder solar bag, the PowerDude can easily be recharged.

The SunFolder solar bags of the WATTSTUNDE® series are high-quality modules with SunPower cells, which deliver optimal results and ensure a high energy yield.

Technical specifications:

WS120SF module type 12V module nominal power (Pmpp) 3 x 40 Wp ├ś daily yield 480 Wh / d Short-circuit current (Isc) 6.22 A Open circuit voltage (Uoc) 24.65 V Voltage (Umpp) 20.88 V Current (Impp) 5.78 A Module efficiency >20%

Dimensions (closed):
560 x 440 x 22,5 mm

Dimensions (open):
560 x 1320 x 7,5 mm

Connection cable 5 meters

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